Riviera Yoga Vevey Switzerland  - The Art of Yoga

  Yoga Tuesdays and Thursdays

Tuesday Evenings (in French)
Anusara Flow Yoga
Gentle sequence of positions to increase the pulse and stretch the soul!
17:00 -18:00
(60 mins)

Thursday Mornings
Hatha Yoga
 Alignment Based Yoga
Traditional Yoga positions to aid postural alignment
Ideal for those looking for therapeutic remedies for common ailments
10:00 - 11:30
(90 mins)

 Thursday Evenings
Hatha Yoga
Restorative Yoga Class
Traditional Yoga positions and focused breathing, holding poses for longer with blocks, blankets and bolsters.
To restore and rejuvenate post -office!
 20:15 - 21:30 (75 mins)

The class starts with a short meditation session followed by a series of warm -up positions that lead into the main positions of the morning practise.
We end with a few cool-down positions and then into savasana / relaxation.

All are welcome to join this gentle flow of hatha yoga asanas in the style of Anusara, and to enjoy the positive energy that is created by all.


Rue des Communaux 35,
1800 Vevey

 ( turn left out of Vevey Train Station, past Hotel Famille and its in front)

 How Much?

Classes cost 25 Chfs per session

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